Thursday, June 9, 2011

Papa'iloa Beach

Who knew?

We have friends who are staying in a house right on Papa'iloa Beach on the North Shore. This beach is in a private, residential area. All beaches in Hawaii are public, but because this one is in a neighborhood, it's not as popular because there is no public parking. So there aren't usually very many people there except for the folks who live there.

You can walk to it from further down at any time though. It isn't restricted.

The kids enjoy it because there is a big sand dune they can sled down on their boogie boards.

It's a very pretty, quiet beach. Three young sea turtles were swimming just off the shore.

At this time of year, there are just enough waves on the north shore for boogie boarding in the shallow areas.

Everyone got a chance to go paddle in the kayak.

But the thing that makes this beach so noteworthy is that a number of episodes of the television show "Lost" were filmed here. I have never seen "Lost", so was completely unaware of how exciting this beach is.

One of the times we were walking down this beach, we saw a small wedding taking place. Now I wonder if the bride and groom were big fans of the show and wanted to be able to show all their friends that they were married on the "Lost" beach.

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