Friday, June 17, 2011

At Camp

Ben and Emily will come home from missionary training camp today! It will be good to see them again although they start their Bible clubs on Monday so they will be busy all summer.

Fortunately, someone on Facebook posted photos from camp so I'm able to see a little bit of what they've been doing. Because this is Ben's third year, I pretty much know their routines, but it's still nice to actually see them doing their work.

Emily's first club. She's wearing the yellow shirt designating her first-year status.

Blowing up a beach ball. I remember this game from last year. There are questions written all over the ball. The kids all toss the ball around and when you catch it, you look at the question under your right thumb and answer it for everyone. It's a way of getting to know more about each other.

Ben's white "this is my third year" tee-shirt.

Something about this tree invites people to pose in it. Emily's hiding in the leaves up there.

Class time!

The teens have a lot of quiet time in which to study or reflect on verses. The landscape around the camp is dotted with individual teens looking for a quiet place to work.

Of course, while scrolling through the photos, I spotted Ben's quiet place.

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