Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Twenty Years Go By In A Blink

It can't possibly have been twenty years. It seems like ten, tops.

Look how skinny we were....
Kerry's groom's cake had little Army men fighting a mock battle. Our ring bearer asked us if he could take the army men home with him after the wedding. He's twenty-four now.

I haven't seen my dress in twenty-years. It was the main guest of honor at the wedding. Everything revolved around the dress. It was more important than anything else. I think it is in my mother's attic.

This is a picture of me and my sister at the reception. Her hair is naturally curly. She spent years straightening it. My hair is naturally straight. I've spent a small fortune on perms.

I loved my earrings. They were beautiful. I loaned them to a friend for her wedding ten years ago and she lost one of them at the reception.

We aren't friends any more.

This was in the day before brides and grooms shoved their cake all over each other. We would have been signing divorce papers the following Monday if that had happened back in my day.

It's difficult to see my wedding ring but I loved it too. It was a pear-shaped sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Kerry had it in his hand when he was down on one knee proposing to me and he put it on my finger in the church at our wedding.

Katie flushed it down the toilet when she was a year and half old.

Everything from that day that was so important at the time - the dress, the ring, the earrings - it's all gone now.

But the marriage is what lasted and really, that was the most important part.


  1. The dress is NOT gone. The dress is NOT in the attic. It is in a sealed white box in my closet, waiting to be worn again some day.

    I never knew what happened to the ring. All I heard were the 'blessings' that always ended "please help mama find her ring". :0) GG

  2. guys haven't changed a bit. Congratulations!

  3. Yep, the kids prayed for my ring to show up for about two years, but it never did.