Wednesday, May 4, 2011

David Crowder Band

We were able to attend a concert by the David Crowder Band recently when they played at the HIM conference. Ben and Emily headed right down into the "mosh pit" area with the camera. The picture above is the only one with even remotely discernible images. Why? Because all the people down in front of the stage were jumping up and down and screaming, and the camera doesn't take great pictures when it is being vigorously waved around.

This is a video Emily took in between screaming and singing. It starts off dark, but after a few seconds you can see everyone bouncing. The entire building was shaking. Back where Katie and I were sitting, we could feel the floor vibrating beneath our feet. Katie became concerned that it might be about to collapse. The music was a little loud for her and she plugged her ears with her fingers so as not to be completely overwhelmed with sound. She really enjoyed the softer songs and would stand on her chair and sing along to ones she knew.

Ben and Emily clearly weren't bothered by the volume. They both came home hoarse from screaming and singing.

If you haven't heard the David Crowder Band, you should. They are a Christian Modern Rock band and have some really good songs! Check these out:

How He Loves Us

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