Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kite Surfing

One of the funny things (to me) about Kerry is that if he really likes something, he always really likes it. He never gets tired of the same thing over and over (which is good news for me - I shouldn't be replaced with a newer model any time soon). The man was thrilled with Velveeta cheese dip the first time he had it around 19 years ago, and to this day when we are planning what to cook for guests who are coming over he will invariably suggest that I make Velveeta cheese dip. He just knows everyone else will be as thrilled as he is over it.

We live on an island with lots of exotic restaurants, most of which serve an amazing variety of seafood served in fabulous ways you can't even imagine until you've tried it.

He was thrilled, thrilled I tell you, to discover there is a Red Lobster in Honolulu.


We could eat at Red Lobster anywhere in the country (and have, quite frankly) and he still wants to try the one here. I'm all about new experiences and trying things we haven't had before. Kerry is all about comfort food and happy memories.

(To be fair, our first sort-of date was at Red Lobster. Although neither of us knew it was a date at the time, there was no hand-holding, no good night kiss, and no mention of us liking each other, Red Lobster was where I first looked across the table at my good friend Kerry, and thought, "He's cute. Why haven't I noticed that before?" So it holds a special place in his heart, and he likes going there.)

So after we were rained out of our hike, and we still had some time to kill before we could pick up Ben at the airport and head to the hotel, Kerry said, "Let's go to the beach."

Now, we live on a small island. We are never more than 20 minutes from the beach. We have spent tons of time at the beach and frankly, we are beached out. The kids don't really love the beach anymore unless their friends are there for them to interact with.

But, Kerry and I grew up far away from the beach. The beach was something wonderful and any time you had a chance to go it was a fabulous opportunity and you spent as much time on the beach and in the water as you could, because you never knew when you might have another chance.

I'm over it.

Kerry is not.

But.....Kerry doesn't get to go to the beach as often as the kids and I do. The first year we lived here, the kids and I went to the beach all the time; Kerry was in Afghanistan. We can go to the beach during the week if any of our homeschool friends all want to go; Kerry has to work. We go with anyone during the summer while we aren't doing school; Kerry has to work.

So, with that in mind, we agreed to go to the beach and let Kerry soak up all that beachiness that he so loves.

Amazingly, we happened to spot a large group of people kitesurfing.

I haven't seen this very often. I'm not sure I've ever actually seen it up close.

It was entrancing to watch these people speed along the water, leap high into the air, and flip around. I don't know how they kept from being drug out to sea but they all seemed to know what they were doing and managed to make it back to shore.

And Kerry was able to relax and unwind and that's what really counted.

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