Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Flatbread Company in Paia

One of our first stops in Maui was in the town of Paia.

Paia looks remarkably like many small towns on the mainland.

Its just that you know it's Maui, so it feels more fabulous.

Paia is apparently known for its oddball, quirky characters and its cute little local shops. We were on the lookout to see if we could spot any whacky people. We did see a lot of hippie types. They actually have a town bumper sticker which says, "Please do not feed the hippies". The only oddball we saw was a guy in black shorts and a giant black top hat hitchhiking. He had a beard like Santa Clause and I can't imagine anyone picking him up.

We ate at the Flatbread Company which had been recommended to me by a friend. I guess it's also very "hippie" in that it's an organic pizza restaurant.

They even cook the pizzas in a giant adobe-style oven which is fun to watch.

All their meats are nitrate-free and the pizzas were great! We were especially pleased that they had a vegan pizza, because that meant it was dairy-free and Emily could eat it. She usually can't have pizza because of all the cheese on it.

I think we may become hippies ourselves. We'll just hitchhike around Paia with our tophats and eat organic nitrate-free pizza every day!

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