Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stairway To Heaven (Haiku Stairs)

Okay so there are these stairs.

These stairs go up the side of a mountain.

There are about 500 sections of stairs totalling 3,922 steps.

People like to climb them.
They like to climb to the top and stop at 2,820 feet.

They think it's pretty.

It makes them feel strong. And young.

And I can understand that.

I'm impressed by people who can make it to the top.

Ben did it.

There's just one teensy little problem.

It's kind of illegal to hike the stairs.

Just a little bit.

They actually post a guard at the bottom of the stairs to keep people from going up. He will stop you if you try to ascend.

But he isn't there all night. He arrives some time in the morning.

So if you get there before him, you can go up and he won't stop you when you come down. He won't tell you what time he arrives every morning although he will tell you that the Internet has the time wrong. So get there early.

He's not a bad guy, he's just doing his job.

He will even take a group photo for you if you ask nicely.

(If you would like to read more about the stairs, you can do so here and here.)


  1. you little lawbreakers!!! hahahaha
    making memories....

  2. I'm glad Ben got to do this. He has had a world of great experiences. He has seen more and done more than most adults I know. GG