Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nature Lesson

Last week we had a great unexpected lesson on nature in action. We were all standing around chatting, waiting for PE to start when one of the many young'uns in our group discovered a large praying mantis.

There was much excitement about this.

Everyone was greatly impressed with the size of it and everyone shared all they knew about mantises (manti?). There was talk about taking it home and making a pet of it and a heated debate about who should have it and which mom would actually allow it in her car.

One mom shared how her kids had once found a praying mantis and kept it for a bit. Then, when they discovered another praying mantis in a bush outside, they decided to release their mantis into the bush so it wouldn't be lonely.

The mantis in the bush promptly ate their pet mantis' face off.

The debate over who could keep it ended abruptly when the mantis suddenly took flight. We all watched it sail three feet away whereupon a bird appeared out of nowhere and snatched it from mid-air. There was a collective gasp of horror from the younger kids and a delighted snort from all the teens.

At least it's not going in my car.

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