Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is one of my favorite Christian skits ever. We first saw it at our church in Kansas. When we found out Ben's youth group was going to perform it here we were absolutely thrilled. It's such a good visual aid for teens of how things can come in between them and God.

Ben is playing Jesus. He creates a girl, creates a world for her, and they dance. Then a boy comes in and dances with the girl, turning her attention from God. Next, her pursuit of money takes her attention. Then alcohol and the desire to be thin and look like a model enter the picture. As each thing takes her time attention, it is then standing between her and her Creator. Finally, death enters the picture and tries to get the girl to kill herself. When she tries to get back to Jesus, all the things which had separated them hold her back. But of course, in the end, Jesus saves her.

This skit is performed to the song "Everything" by Lifehouse.


  1. I love this skit...not just for teens but for all of us, who without the Lords mercy would drown in our own despair and sin.... Thanks for posting.

  2. Our youth group has done this as well and I cry everytime I see it... well done. Beautiful to see young Christians so passionate for the Lord.