Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rigger and GG

Poor Rigger.

Every morning, GG would make herself a piece of toast. Rigger would gaze mournfully at her until she took pity on him and gave him her last bite of toast. Nobody can give you sad eyes like Rigger can.

He's a natural showman.

He would watch each bite go from her hand to her mouth, his eyebrows raised in a questioning expression. "Are you going to eat the whole thing? Really? You won't even give me one little taste?"

And GG fell for it.

Rigger loves her.

She started making two pieces of toast every morning so he could have his own entire piece instead of just a bite.

It's really hard to eat and not feel guilty with that pitiful face staring at you.

Now that GG has gone home, Rigger doesn't get a piece of toast every morning.

Or any morning.

He misses her.


  1. Aren't pets so funny. That sounds like Joey(Yorkie) with tea and cookies.

  2. Sweet. GG is your mom right? I am sure you are grateful for the visit.

  3. I kind of miss our morning ritual myself. Guess I'll have to start throwing Leonard a piece of toast.