Thursday, January 7, 2010


Since going boating with our friends is one of our favorite activities, we took GG and Sherry out on the water one day.

Riding on "Big Bertha" (the giant inner tube in the picture) is some of the most fun I've had here.

GG got this great shot of Kerry, Sherry, and Katie getting ready for a ride in the tube.

And I got this great shot of them being dumped out of the tube when they overbalanced in the middle of the water.

Katie promptly doggy paddled back to the boat and refused to ride in the tube again.

The rest of us watched Kerry and Sherry try to get back in the tube.

I can tell you from experience, it's easy to climb in the tube when you are in shallow water.

It's nearly impossible when you are in way over your head and there is nothing to stand on.

But it is quite amusing to watch when you are safely riding in the boat and out of their reach.

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  1. Oh yeah, well we had a snowball fight today. I nearly froze my fingers off, but I got a couple good shots off first. :) I would send you a picture of it, but all you really need to do is 1)pull out all of the cotton balls you own, and all that your neighbors three houses down on either side own, 2)pull at them so they expand a lot, 3)cover the floor with them up to your ankles, 4)dump shaved ice all over the cotton balls. Yep, that should remind you of the snow experience. Oh yeah, occaisionally throw some cotton up in the air. Cause it's still snowing.
    ps - I have no idea what account to use, so I'm picking Annonymous, but it's me....Mary :)