Monday, October 12, 2009

Boys Vs. Girls

Another difference I've noticed between boys and girls:

Body Odor. BO for short.

When teens get older they get stinky. It doesn't matter whether they are male or female. This is one area in which they do not differ. The difference is in their reaction to the stink.

We were riding along in the car the other day when the unmistakable smell of underarm BO wafted gently through the car.

I looked around and realized Emily had one arm up in the air as she was trying to scratch an itch in the center of her back. I pointed out that she was sharing some serious BO with the rest of us. She clamped her arms to her sides and scowled at me the rest of the way home for daring to point out something so embarrassing.

Two days later we were again in the car when the underarm BO invaded my nostrils. This time it was Ben with one arm up in the air.

"Ben!" I scolded, "Did you forget to use deodorant this morning?!"

Ben lifted his arm higher into the air, then lifted his other arm into the air as well, then blew across his armpit in my direction in order to lift a few more layers of scent and spread them about.

The girls were shrieking, I was fussing, and Ben was grinning.

As far as he's concerned..........he wins again.

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