Monday, October 26, 2009

Bachelor of Square Dancing

The kids and I have finally finished our square dancing class! Everyone kept warning us that there would be a final exam that we would have to pass. Emily's friends told her it was called the "Dance of Doom". I told her not to be worried. Usually in a case like that, everyone tells you there is some beastly test you have to take, but there really is no test at all. It's just a joke to psyche you out.

Turns out there is a test. Not to test our square dancing skills. Oh no. This was a test purely to entertain those who were watching.

The first part of the test involved making us dance with our feet in paper grocery sacks. It is extremely hard to do-si-do when you can't lift your feet off the floor. We all shuffled around like we were gimpy but we managed to make it through the entire set.

Next, we had to dance with balloons clamped between our legs. We all discovered quickly that the best way to get through this was to hop. It was too difficult to try to walk so we looked like a bunch of crazed bunnies.

Don't you just love Katie's hair in this picture?

Last but not least, we had to dance blindfolded. We never made it through the first few moves of this one. It is next to impossible to do a dance that requires catching hold of other people's hands over and over when you can't see them.

As I said though, this wasn't a test of our skills, it was a test to make everyone laugh a lot. We were finally all presented with diplomas showing we had earned our Bachelor of Square Dancing degrees. Really.

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