Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The most fascinating hand soap in the world

We have neighbors who are moving away. It's always sad to see friends go but we're accustomed to it in the military. One good thing about friends moving is that we get lots of freebies. Movers won't pack any cleaners, plants, or opened food so friends and neighbors pass these things on to one another when there is just nothing else to do with the remaining stuff. Yesterday I became the recipient of two garbage bags full of cleaning products and assorted bottles of half used things. Two really great things were bottles of hand soap from Bath and Body Works. I don't usually get the fancy stuff for myself. Actually, I generally use Dawn dishwashing liquid to wash my hands. So I was pleased to get two bottles of nice smelling hand soap. I put the pineapple scented one in the kids bathroom. And I put the cucumber melon scented one in the kitchen.

Last night I told Emily to go brush her teeth before bed. A little while later she came back into the living room and I said, "Did you brush your teeth?" She looked baffled for a moment, then laughed and said, "I went back there to brush my teeth, then I saw the new handsoap and tried it out. It smelled so good I totally forgot to brush my teeth!" So off she went (again) to brush her teeth. As soon as I spotted Katie, I told her to go brush her teeth too. She popped back up a little while later and I asked, "Did you brush your teeth?" She thought for a second and then said sheepishly, "I went to brush my teeth, but there was this new handsoap in the bathroom and I tried it, and I forgot to brush my teeth!" And off she went (again) to brush her teeth.

I just found it extremely amusing that a new handsoap can be that diverting!

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