Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fourteen Years!

Fourteen years ago today, I was in a hospital bed trying to figure out how to nurse a baby. A big ol' nurse walked in my room and said, "What's the matter? Can't get that baby to suck that titty?" I've never forgotten that stellar moment of motherhood.

Fourteen years. I have a fourteen year old child. That means I'm REALLY old. When you still have little kids, you're still young. When your kids are old enough to be talking about driving, girls, ipods, and cell phones, you are old.

Fourteen years ago, another nurse walked into my room and said, "What's his name?" I said, "Benjamin." She wrinkled her nose up, looked at him, and said, "Well, I guess some babies have to grow into their names." What was it with the nurses there, anyway?

For his birthday today, I let him sleep as late as he wanted (turned out to be 10:00 before he got up). He got to pick out any cereal he wanted (Frosted Flakes) because usually we eat organic, good for you cereals. He went to the pool with his friends where he got a whopper of a sunburn because he forgot to put on sunscreen. We let him pick the restaurant (Jazz - a Cajun restaurant) for his birthday dinner. We gave him a wallet, a tee shirt, a "Make Your Own Root Beer" Kit, three books he's been wanting, a camel back for camping trips, a jar of specialty BBQ sauce, and a bottle of hot sauce called "Tongue Torch". Then as the grand finale, after dinner and when he thought all gifts had already been presented, we gave him a cell phone which is also an MP3 player. He's a happy camper right now.

Man, I'm old.



    ps-Amy, thanks a lot, as soon as Ethan finds out that Ben got a phone, I'll never hear the end of it. Remind me to send you a cactus as a thank you.

  2. I've always wondered, since we don't live anywhere close to you anymore, who polishes off the rest of the birthday cakes?

    I can't believe he's 14!

    Happy Birthday Ben!