Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fractured Foot

We were able to take an unexpected trip back to Hawai'i.  More about that later.

This story is about what happened to Katie in Hawai'i.

Katie was invited by a friend to go to iTrampoline with a youth group.  Ten minutes into the evening she jumped on a trampoline, landed oddly, and hurt her foot.  She said it was as if her toe was pointed straight down and her foot rolled forward (with the top of her foot towards the floor) instead of backwards (with the bottom of her foot towards the floor). 

Here is a picture of all the teens at iTrampoline.  Katie is on the sofa with ice on her foot.

Kerry and I were at a Bible study at our church.  I got a call from Katie where I thought she said she hurt her knee.  She was laughing and joking and it didn't sound too bad.

Then we got a call from the trampoline place letting us know that Katie had hurt her foot but it didn't look serious and they were putting ice on it.  We saw her later that evening and her foot was a little puffy.  We thought it was possibly sprained and she went home with a friend to spend the night.

The next morning, her friend's mother texted me that Katie's foot was more swollen and that she might need to go to the doctor.

Kerry and I got dressed and headed over to pick her up.  We took her to the urgent care center on post.  

 Since she could put no weight on her left foot, they provided her with a wheelchair.

They took some x-rays and put us in a little room.  After a wait, the doctor walked in and said, "She has a lisfranc fracture and it may require surgery."  Kerry leaned toward the doctor with his elbows on his knees in a "you have my attention" posture.  My brain stopped at the word "surgery".  Part of brain was thinking, "He said thank goodness she doesn't need surgery" and another part of my brain was saying, "I don't think that's what he said".  

I  think we were all in shock.  We thought maybe an ace bandage if it was sprained, maybe a cast if it was fractured or broken.  But surgery???

They wanted to do another set of x-rays just to make certain.  I mentioned that I would go pick up some breakfast for us since none of us had eaten.  The doctor grimaced at me and said, "I don't want to be mean, but she shouldn't eat anything in case they take her into surgery today."

Today??  I was in more shock.

After some more time and the second set of x-rays, the doctor told us that orthopedics would be able to see her Monday.  We told him that we were scheduled to fly home Monday afternoon.  He told us that if he asked for an opinion from four different orthopedists, he would get four different plans of treatment.  He advised us just to go back to Virginia and see an orthopedist there since that's who would be doing the actual treatment anyway.  

They gave Katie a stabilizing boot and crutches and sent us on our way.


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