Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dog Fight

Sweet little old neighbor man likes to take his dog off the leash while out walking. Too confining for poopsie, I guess. Comes face to face with me and Katie and our three dogs all safely on leashes. His dog determines to murder Ringo. Much fight. Many screaming. I fell flat on my back trying to haul the puppies backwards. Katie managed to drag Ringo backwards and wrap his leash around a tree. Sweet little old neighbor man is wanting to help me off the ground while I am still trying to keep his dog from eating my puppies who are valiantly trying to defend the family honor. Finally convinced him at the top of my lungs to just get his dog out of my yard and I would be able to get myself up. And I did too. I now have one skinned elbow, a skinned foot, and rope (leash) burns to my right arm and right leg.

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