Sunday, November 30, 2014


The girls got an early Christmas present from Kerry's parents!

Now they each have a puppy of their very own!  Both male Shih Tzus, which Emily is not allergic to!

They were promptly christened "Leotus and Asparagus" or "Leo and Gus" for short.

Yes, there's a story behind that.

When the kids were little, Kerry would make up fairy tales for them to keep them entertained.  One day he made up a story about a clam named Leotus and a fish named Asparagus.  The kids never forgot that particular story and it seemed like a great fit for our new family members.

We are not used to having puppies and we have laughed and laughed at them.  They suddenly leap up and run around like mad, lose their balance and tumble head over heels.  They battle each other with their tiny barks and their tiny teeth.  Then they collapse on each other and sleep all snuggled up.

Leo is quickly establishing himself as the loud, hyper one.  Gus is the calm, sleepy one.

We are enjoying the heck out of them.  Everything they do is adorable.  They are cute when they sleep.  Darling when they run.  Precious when they eat.  Even their poop is adorably tiny.  

It's a first step to filling the hole left in our lives by the loss of Rigger.  Of course, it would take forty-four of them to equal one Rigger, but it's step in the right direction to bringing some happy back!

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