Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Moment of Levity

Katie and Emily were sitting at the dining room table discussing "Iron Man 3":

Katie:  I always get Robert Downey Jr and Martin Luther King Jr mixed up.

Emily:  Umm.....HOW can you mix them up?  They are nothing alike!

Katie:  Well, their names are similar.

Emily:  Not really...

Katie:  Martin Luther King Jr was the one with the peanuts, right?

Emily:  That was George Washington Carver!

Katie: Oh. Which one was Martin Luther King Jr?

Emily: He fought for black rights, he was assassinated...

Katie: He was assassinated??

Emily: Yes, Katie!

Katie:  Well, sorry.  I'm only studying ancient history about Jesus, like, five billion years ago.

Emily:  Jesus was only two thousand years ago!

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