Monday, March 10, 2014

New Phone

Kerry has a new phone.  It's a snazzy, high-speed, touch-screen, voice-activated, magical, bibbidy-bobbidy-boo kind of a phone.

He's having fun playing with it and figuring out all that it can do.  Frankly, we're all playing with it a little bit.  I'm fascinated with the camera.  It takes really good shots.  I've had an iPhone for a few years, and I'm pretty good with technology.  I can usually figure out how any new gizmo works, and I know how to read instructions.

The kids say that watching Kerry try to figure out technology is like watching a fish flop around in a boat.  (He uses two fingers to type at the computer, and one finger to type a text - I'm serious.)

So Kerry was fiddling around with his phone yesterday trying to look up an address.  He was griping about how aggravating it was  to try to look up something on his phone.

"Well," I replied with some sass, "You could go in there to the computer and look it up a lot faster, and also not use up as much of your data time on your phone."

"Well," he replied back with more sass, "A good wife would go in there and look up the information for me!"

"But you'll never learn to do these things yourself if I keep doing them for you.  You know what they say, 'Give a man a fish......'".

"And he'll smack his wife with that fish and then tell her to cook it!"

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