Friday, November 1, 2013


Since Ben is too old to trick-or-treat for Halloween, and he's too far away to benefit from everyone else's candy, the girls decided to send him a candy gram.  

A piece of poster board would have been difficult to mail, so Emily found a piece of cloth to use.  It folded nicely into a box.  We used rubber cement to glue the candy to the cloth - and unintentionally to the newspaper behind it as well as to the dining room table.  We were fortunately able to peel it away from the table, but the newspaper had to be mailed with it.

It says, "Dear Ben,
Last Payday we drove to New York to get you some Turtles that we could teach to Rolo-ver but we got stuck behind a Slowpoke on 5th Avenue and it was only, like, Zero degrees outside and the car Frost-ed over so instead we flew to the Milky Way and Skor-ed you some alien Whatchamacallits.  They said to Take 5 but we only took 3 (Musketeers) because there wasn't room in our car.  Happy Halloween!  Wishing you Extra (Almond) Joy from your favorite Duo of Airheads - Emily and Katie

At the bottom, the girls glued a Nestle Crunch and a Now & Later and wrote, "These are from Mama and Daddy!"

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