Friday, January 18, 2013

At The Mall

I took all three kids to the mall not too long ago.  Sometimes we just have to get out of the house and go someplace where it's warm and we can walk around.

We stopped at the food court for lunch and wound up sitting at a table right next to the kiddie rides.

When my kids were little, they adored the kiddie rides.  They only cost a quarter and I would let them ride several times if they wanted to.  It was always just a little car or rocket ship that would bounce up and down or sometimes backwards and forwards but they took great joy in those rides.  And they thought I was the best mom in the world.

We sat next to a ride on this occasion which simulated a roller coaster.  There was a video the kids would watch and the ride would simulate the motions of the roller coaster to give the kids the feeling that they were really there.  On a roller coaster.  Not in a mall.

We were watching two cute little girls ride the roller coaster because we were amused by their looks of sheer glee as they were jostled around in their seats.  Then, as we were watching, one of the little girls stuck her finger up her nose and began to dig, dig, dig.  She never took her eyes off the screen and she was smiling delightedly the entire time as if she were absolutely unaware that she had one nostril completely closed off.

Then, as we looked on in horror, she pulled something out of her nose and deposited it in her mouth without ever ungluing her eyes from the movie.

Ben and I made eye contact and I made a face indicating, "Yuck!"

Ben just shrugged and smiled, "Well, she had to put it somewhere!"

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  1. Love when you recount happenings in you guys lives! Hope you all are doing great!