Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Teddy

When we moved to Illinois, we found things as we were unpacking that we really didn't want any more.  We had boxes around the house that we would toss items in if they were destined for a thrift shop.  One of the last things to go in the box, or actually, across the top of the box because it was full, was an old sleeping bag shaped like a teddy bear.  I think it was originally Ben's and was handed down to each of the girls over time.  They all had loved it, but everyone is too tall for it now, so it had to go.


Ringo noticed it and actually used his teeth to drag it off the box so he could lay on it.

And as soon as Rigger saw this....

 ....he began to covet.

He took the teddy sleeping bag for his own as little brothers will do.

And Ringo has never touched it again, as big brothers are clearly too mature for a mere child's sleeping bag that he wasn't really interested in anyway.

 It matters not which way Rigger lays, he has no preference.  

He just loves, loves, loves, loves, loves his teddy.

Some times he snuggles a bit hard.

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