Monday, March 19, 2012

Marching Orders

Well, the Army has given us our marching orders. We are leaving paradise and heading for the east coast this summer.

We are all partly glad to be heading back and partly sad to be leaving here. This is a giant bag of mixed emotions. I'll honestly say we have never loved any duty station the way we have loved it here. I'm going to have to start working on a list of things we need to see and do before we leave.
I've also started scouring websites, looking for long sleeved shirts and sweaters. I don't think any of the kids even own any at this point!


  1. Was just searching for a sample bill for Teenpact (one day class) this year, and had to laugh as an old post of yours popped up from 2010. Mainly I laughed because here we sit, with no bill only 5 days before class! Sigh, should have read the details earlier. We will be better prepared next year. We live and homeschool on Maui and are making the BIG trip to Oahu. We spent 3 years on Oahu before moving here, so we are excited to see old friends again on that island. Good luck with your move - Paradise is a hard place to leave behind. Best wishes to you, Rhonda

  2. oh what part of the east coast?? what part?? what part???

  3. Go hit up the thrift stores for clothes - you'd be surprised at how many LS shirts and warm pants you'll find! And I'll try to remember to shoot you that list of stuff to be done in each room.

  4. Paradise is on the other side of Heaven! Hawaii is just a stopping place! :) Glad to have you all back in the 48! Selfish, probably. Does it make me happy, yes.
    Will be seeing you soon.

  5. Congrats!! It will be nice for your family for you to be closer.~Trina