Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Smooth Talker

Ben was at a boy scout ceremony recently in which some cub scouts were crossing over into boy scouts. The cubs families were invited to come participate in the ceremony.

Ben walked up to three of the scouts who were having an animated discussion. They had spotted the sister of one of the young cub scouts and the boys were going on and on about how "hot" she was and they were all daring each other to try to talk to her and see who could get her phone number.

Ben turned to look at the girl and recognized her as a friend from ballroom dancing. He turned back to look at his compadres and with a wise, all knowing look, told them, "Watch this."

Then he walked straight over to the girl and wrapped her in a big bear hug and then chatted with her for a few minutes.

The other scouts now live in awe of his ability to charm girls.

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