Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Glamour Bikes

Katie got a new bike.

The poor kid had just barely gotten the hang of riding a bike when we moved here three years ago. Most of our bikes were mangled in the move. Kerry was deployed and I was overwhelmed with the move and repairing/replacing the bikes was low on my priority list.

So now, three years after she learned to ride a bike, we got her a new bike and she has learned to ride it again.

The only problem's pink. While Katie used to be the queen of pink, she has now moved into that territory of pink being a "little girl" color. And she does not want to be in that category. However, the bike was a fabulous price, and we advised her that it was this bike or no bike, as all the others were easily double the price of this one.

Fortunately, Emily came to the rescue with her massive pile of duct tape.

The girls set to work.........

.......and glammed up that bike. It's still got a good bit of pink, but it isn't completely pink and now it's also got pizzaz.

Then, once inspiration had struck, they grabbed Emily's bike..............

.......and gave it a face lift as well.

This actually used to be Ben's bike, but he's ridden it exactly twice in the two years he's had it and Emily loves to ride so it was passed on to her.

Now, he definitely won't ever want to ride it.

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