Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teen Scream

Last night around 9:00, I took Rigger out for his last walk of the day. We were standing in the front yard in the dark when two teenaged girls walked out of the house across the street. One of the girls lives there and one must have been a new friend. Rigger of course stopped and watched them walk out, as he is always interested in what is going on in the neighborhood. The two girls walked out to the center of the street at which point the new girl spotted Rigger, screamed bloody murder, took a step backwards, fell, and then curled up in the middle of the street and laughed for two minutes straight.

Rigger, when she screamed, skittered backwards a few feet himself before he realized he wasn't in any immediate danger.

The teen girl's mother had come outside to find out what the commotion was all about. She looked over at me and called, "I think you startled her."

Yes, well she quite startled the heck out of us as well.

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