Monday, April 11, 2011

Hawaii Ocean Rafting

And last but not least, our absolute favorite activity on Maui - a whale watching trip with Hawaii Ocean Rafting.

There are some really big boats that go out on the whale watching tours, but after reading the reviews, I felt that a small, fast boat would be more entertaining for the kids

Boy, was I right. The kids were able to straddle the pontoons on the boat and ride it like a horse. They were bounced up in the air and tossed around and they had an absolute blast!

We circled the island of Lanai on our tour. We stopped in three different places to snorkel and saw several shipwrecks on the beaches.

There were all sorts of amazing sights.

This rock formation looked like a castle. We saw another one that looked like a bear and also watched a blowhole spout.

There were sea caves we were able to go right up to, but not inside.

But the coolest part was watching whales (we saw LOTS!)......

.....and a pod of dolphins which ran along beside us for a bit! So cool!!

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