Monday, November 8, 2010

Father Daughter Dance

The last time Kerry took the girls to a Father/Daughter Dance, they looked like this.

This time, they looked like this:

I love that Katie is now wearing the dress Emily wore two and a half years ago.

Katie almost missed out on this dance. For some reason, she was in a "mood" while getting ready. One of Emily's friends had fixed her hair for her, and she decided it was "uncomfortable" and brushed it out again. Then she wanted to wear makeup, but complained that I got shadow in her eye and the lipstick felt weird. Then she had an issue with the pantyhose (which she had insisted I run out and buy earlier in the day) and wound up taking them off entirely just before heading out the door - at which time she also decided she didn't like the shoes she was wearing and switched to a different pair. We all had steam coming out of our ears by the time they left. Kerry warned her that she was this close to not going.

They had a very good time, but wound up coming home early because "every other song" was Justin Bieber. My girls are not JB fans.

I'm trying to upload a video of Kerry and the girls dancing, but my computer is not cooperating, so if I can get it to load tomorrow, I will!