Thursday, September 23, 2010

'Cause Clearly It Was One Person's Fault

So. Emily and I took a few days off and went to Waikiki. More about that later.

Since Kerry was going to be at work most of the time, Ben was in charge. Before I left, I bought plenty of groceries and instructed him thoroughly.

"You can not just wait for Katie to say she's hungry. You have to make breakfast and lunch. If your Dad isn't home, you have to make dinner. I bought hamburgers, sandwich stuff, chicken sandwiches, pulled pork, and chicken strips for lunches. You can not assume that since you haven't heard a peep out of her that she is fine. Check on her. Ask her if she needs anything. Tell her to do her school work. It's okay for her to call me any time she wants. Don't let her watch television all day and don't you stay on the computer all day."

I had arranged for rides to Katie's various activities, did all the laundry before we left, and left fresh fruits and vegetables for them to snack on.

When I got home today the house looked like it had imploded. There was popcorn all over the living room floor and dishes in front of the TV. Two days worth of newspaper were spread about. The counters in the kitchen were covered with dishes and a cheesecake which had apparently been left out overnight. There were markers and scissors and scraps of paper all over the dining room floor.

I had to sit down immediately and let Katie talk herself out. Someone had given her a belated birthday gift while I was gone and she had to tell me all about it as well as tell me all about Awana.

When she slowed down, I asked, "So what did you have for lunch today?"

"Umm....popcorn," she told me.

"Ben!" I bellowed. "Why didn't you make lunch?"

"She wasn't hungry!"

"Katie, get up all those markers and scissors, and clean up all those scraps of paper and bring your dishes to the kitchen."

"Well, Daddy's the one who left the cheesecake out," she tattled.

"Ben, vacuum the living room and take the trash out and change the dog's water. Emily get all this newspaper up."

Kerry came home about that time and helped me clean the kitchen.

I sent Katie to the bathroom, "Katie, all the wrapping of your gift is laying in the bathroom floor, the wet wipes are on the floor, and three of your books are laying around the commode. I swear, I leave for three days and it looks like a pig's been living here."

"Well, you married him," Katie retorted.

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