Friday, August 13, 2010

Peni Beanies

OK...Australia is a very unique country with a lot of different climates. We were in an area called Rockhampton in Queensland and we stopped at a small store/restaurant for coffee. This was a neat little store and the area we were in was very isolated. As such, the store reminded me of an old trading post in pioneer days and had a little bit of everything. Clothes, batteries, groceries, tools, panty hose, name it and it was there. However, I did discover a rather interesting item of clothing that was meant to offer protection during the cold Australian Winters. Peni Beanies!!

Yes...I discovered Mrs. Picklebottom's locally made Peni Beanies. These warm and snuggly items of clothing are just the thing for the local men to use in order to ward off the biting chill of winter. Of course, they are not meant to be worn on your head or hands or even your feet. They are uniquely manufactured and shaped to "keep the mongrel snuggly." I leave it up to your imagination to decide what body part you can keep warm with this piece of clothing. Look at the picture below and consider carefully. Thanks Heavens for Mrs. Pickelbottom. These items might not catch on here in Hawaii....but if I ever get back to Alaska I am going to begin importing these and retire off the profits. I am sure they will be a hit:)

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