Friday, June 4, 2010

Rice With Breakfast

This morning we took the kids to a big breakfast buffet. Everyone ate their fill and we headed out to take Kerry to the airport.

About the time we got to the car, Katie mentioned that her stomach felt "funny".

About two minutes into the drive Katie was wailing that she was going to be sick.

Luckily we had just purchased a few items, and we had two plastic shopping bags in the car. I handed her one and she threw up her breakfast in it. Emily was in the seat behind her, holding Katie's hair up. Ben was in the seat next to her holding a bottle of water for her. And I was in the front passenger seat trying to help her hold the bag and not (please God!) spill it in the car while Kerry drove. We're quite a team when it comes to someone being sick.

Once she filled up both bags, she felt much better and became quite descriptive about the experience. "I threw up everything except the omelette. I didn't see any of that in there. You know what though? I need to chew my rice better. I saw a whole bunch of rice in there and it didn't look like it had been chewed at all!"

"Katie!" No one in the car wanted to hear about it. We could all smell it and none of us was improved by the experience. I started feeling a little icky myself.

"We've got to get that bag out of the car," I said. "I can feel something coming up in my throat every time I look at it."

"Is it rice?" Kerry asked cheerfully.

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