Monday, September 21, 2009

It's All In The Ear Of The Listener

We really enjoy going to the beach. Living in Hawaii would be very bad if we didn't. But now that school is in session, the only time most people can go to the beach is on the weekend. The weekend is now our least favorite time to go to the beach because it's so crowded.

This morning I told the kids that we could go to the beach on a Monday if they get Monday's school work done over the weekend. They can do school on a Saturday and then take Monday off if they want.

Emily (who had the iPod blasting away in her ears) looked at me and said, "You-tome?"

I, not understanding this word, looked back at her and repeated, "You-tome?"

Emily said, "You said we'll go to the you-tome on a Monday. What is a you-tome?"

I replied, "I said we'd go to the beach on a Monday."

"Well, I heard you-tome." She hates to admit being wrong.

I looked at Katie who had been sitting there the entire time and said, "You heard me. Did I say beach or you-tome?"

Katie looked at both of us and said, "I heard Water Park."

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